Trinity Video Seminary-Kursk Russia


We are an Evangelical Christian non-profit Organization with the goal of teaching the truth of God’s word to as many people as possible using the best available teachers and methods. We desire to provide every human being in the planet with high quality both formal and non-formal Theological and Bible education. Besides that, our courses have been proven to be of great evangelistic importance. In the last three years we also broadcasted our courses through Radio, TV and Satellite channels to the audience over 800 000 viewers and most of them were nonbelievers. In other words we also have developed an effective evangelistic support and training program for churches, missions, schools and individuals (including non believers) using TVSeminary materials.

Modern technologies like the Internet made possible to reach this desire. In order to fulfill our goals we have chosen to develop worldwide online Distance Learning Educational program on the Bachelor and Master level that is based on professional videotaping of Theological and Bible courses. The Trinity Video Seminary (TVSeminary) dubs over the video lessons into different languages and make the correspondent didactical material in a user-friendly Moodle interface.

The biggest difference between the majority of online-resources is the selected and deep content of our materials. We live in a fast changing world where information market is getting enormously wide, but people don’t have time to go deep. This creates ground for massive deception of people by political and spiritual leaders pursuing their own goals (Matthew 24:4-5). We believe that only by providing a deeper systematic study of God’s Word to most number of people we can give them understanding of truth and equip them to properly evaluate the information they receive from worldly sources.

Up to this day we have already recorded over 150 courses and seminars (over 2500 actual hours of video). We also have over 1250 hours of our own online students in 38 countries (and we are enrolling about 100 new students every month). Many other Christian Schools and organizations in the world (include TEDS, Chicago) are also using our video and online courses incorporated in their curriculum and programs. We also provide free access to TVSeminary courses for all viewers on our own TVSEMINARY YouTube Channel.

Nevertheless, by now we were able to upload and use only 60 of over 150 video courses and seminars we have already recorded and only 26 of them are incorporated into Moodle interface. Many of these courses were edited in DVD format, because many of our students were from FSU countries, where Internet was still incipient. So, we have now a lot of work to reedit it for Youtube, and to create the didactical materials for our Moodle interface for credit students. With our present personnel we are able to reedit up to 2 or 3 courses per month, while over 100 are waiting in the queue. So, we need to have enough funds to speed up the process, so we can adapt previous and newly recorded courses into full online based courses available to credit the students faster. We already have over 1200 online students who registered and started using our online Bachelor and Master level courses and we need to keep up with putting more courses online to run those programs.

Besides that, we have started translating the courses into other languages like Portuguese, and Uzbek languages. Our plan is to translate the courses into as many languages as possible, so we still have a lot of work to reach our final goals. Yet, we believe that, if the problem is a demand bigger than our ministry can offer, so it is actually good kind of problem and we trust our God to help us to serve Him even more.