Interested in becoming a Faith & Learning International project?

Faith and Learning is a highly relational organization.  Take a moment to review the website, the values and the terms below.  If you are interested in becoming a part of  FLI  and feel like your project aligns with the FLI values please contact us to set up an initial phone call and obtain an application.

phone: 630-221-0648


Our Values:

  • Support the work of the Church
  • Reach People with the love of Jesus Christ
  • Develop and disciple Christian leaders
  • Serve the poor and disadvantaged in the name of Jesus

We provide:

  • Fiscal Sponsorship
  • Accounting and back-office operations
  • Donor receipting and communication
  • Online presence
  • Online fund reporting


Faith and Learning International is committed to abiding by all legal standards established by appropriate authorities and ethical standards apparent in Scripture.  The following requirements have not been established to create distraction from ministry, but rather to ensure clear thinking and legal compliance for the benefit of project participants, donors and FLI associates.  Project participants of Faith and Learning International must acknowledge and abide by all provisions described in the FLI Policy Manual, including, but not limited to the following:

Under IRS regulations, all funds contributed to FLI Projects remain under the control of FLI.

No project funds will be distributed or expenses reimbursed until a budget is established and adequate funds are present in a project account.

The administrative service fee will be deducted from all project funds prior to dispersal or reimbursement for project costs. The current service fee is 7%, subject to revision.

Project evaluation reports are required within six weeks of project completion, or annually, within 6 weeks of year-end, for on-going projects.

Project financial reports and receipts must be submitted as required regarding use of project funds.

Approval for dispersal of funds must be provided by the project leader and a member of the FLI Board or its designated representative.

Waivers must be signed by FLI project participants for travel and international residence.

All FLI Project communications materials must be pre-approved by FLI.

FLI has no employees.  All individuals receiving funds from FLI are retained on a contract basis, will receive an IRS 1099 Form, and are individually responsible for all tax implications and benefits.

Organizations receiving grants must not be on Treasury Department forbidden list.

On-going  projects must be re-approved on an annual basis by FLI.

Funds remaining in a dormant project account in excess of one year will automatically be reallocated to the FLI General Fund.

Faith & Learning International projects must reapply  annually.

Project participants are responsible to raise project funds.