Agora Christi Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit Christian organization that promotes the Truth and moral values in the Romanian society and abroad, through interdisciplinary and interconfesional dialogues, by providing teaching and educational activities, as well as through cultural and social engagement at every level of society.

Our vision is to provide teaching, discipleship and mentoring resources to the young generation of leaders, through evangelistic, missionary and apologetic programs, with the purpose of advancement of the kingdom of God.

C.S. Lewis & Kindred Spirits Society – for the Romanian and the Central and Eastern European Universities

Our Goal is to share the love of Christ and serve Him by addressing students and professors from the state universities from the post-communist countries, who don’t know yet, after long years of atheistic education, the treasure of the Christian heritage of the writers and thinkers who loved, promoted and defended the Word of God and the Christian values.

Therefore we want:

  •  to develop a solid apologetic ministry based on the writings of C. S. Lewis and other “kindred spirits”
  • to train young leaders to extend the kingdom of God by using all the Christian resources in the areas of liberal arts.