Emmanuel Ndolimana: Rwanda & Democratic Republic of Congo

We are an Evangelical Christian and Charity Organization with the goal of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We work hand in hand with local churches and cooperate with other local and International organizations. Using different evangelism methods, we target the most neglected people and communities in Africa to try and restore their hope, improve the quality of their lives, and train ministers of the Gospel to equip them to become strong leaders that will impact their Communities for Christ.

“Bora” is a Swahili word that means “better”…
Africa Bora means “A better Africa”

Ministry Objectives

  1. To preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with The Great Commission by organizing Evangelistic Meetings, Crusades, house to house evangelism, Evangelistic Seminars, Conferences, and workshops.
  2. To teach and train the body of Christ and equip it for effective ministry by establishing School for ministry, Bibles schools, Resource Centers, Discipleship and Correspondence Schools.
  3. To fight against poverty by establishing programs and projects aimed at uplifting the standard of life of the community and to set up Micro Enterprises for the poor communities.
  4. To fight against HIV/AIDS and provide support and counseling to the depressed (Aids victims, orphans, street children).
  5. To promote long lasting reconciliation to people with conflicts, leading to victorious Christian living.
  6. To establish Youth ministry and set up Vocational Training Centers in the fields of Carpentry, Handcraft, Tailoring, Catering, Farming, Ceramics, Metal work, Building, Animal Husbandry, and to form Youth music bands and sport teams all aiming to promote The Gospel among the youth.

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