Clarion Trust: London, England

Clarion Trust International is a Christian charity working in the United Kingdom and overseas. It is involved in leadership training and development, advocacy, networking and the communication of the Christian Faith and message in a range of contexts. The Trust was founded by Stephen Gaukroger (Director) and Keith Wilson (Chairman of Trustees).

We believe
that there is a crisis of leadership in both the Church and the wider culture. We are committed to the training & development of leaders by exploring biblical principles for leadership, and teaching skills to bring about life & growth in our post modern context. We are particularly focused on encouraging a missional lifestyle among leaders and investing in ‘next generation’ leadership.

We believe that there is a need to engage with all aspects of contemporary life and culture – promoting the Good News of Jesus into the worlds of media, business, government and community life. Clarion is already involved with people across a spectrum of professions & agencies, encouraging human flourishing & societal change through the transforming power of the christian message.

We believe that the Bible needs to be repositioned at the center of christian communication. We seek to model preaching which is thoroughly scriptural and offers contemporary applications. We do this through preaching & teaching opportunities and the training of preachers & teachers. Our inspiration is ‘the first sin of the modern pulpit is biblical inadequacy and the second is congregational boredom.’ We are working to banish both!

We believe that Christians work better when they work together. Clarion is committed to complementary not competitive activity. We work in partnership with NGOs, christian ministries and churches to maximize the use of resources and to multiply effectiveness. We currently have links with over 30 agencies and continue to make ourselves available to support & encourage the work of others.

About the Director

Stephen Gaukroger is the Director of Clarion Trust International. He is a senior church leader in the UK, having pastored two large churches and served as President of the Baptist Union. He serves on the boards and councils of a number of christian organizations including the chairmanship of the Council of Reference for Open Doors and the chairmanship of the Spring Harvest Charitable Trust. He is the Senior Biblical Advisor for the ‘Friends & Heroes’ animated children’s series, recently shown on the BBC. Over the last 10 years he has spoken to leaders and been involved in evangelistic events in over 25 countries around the world. He has written more than 20 books, many of which have been widely translated. He is married to Janet & they have three adult children.

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