Dignified Youth Development Mission


Sponsored Orphans

Dignified Youth Development Mission International [DYDM] mobilizes, equips and educate religious, community, youth (in and out of school) and youth leaders about HIV/AIDS and to care for orphans, vulnerable children, widows affected by AIDS and drug abuse issues using faith-focused, culturally specific information and education materials. Our vision is to heal the brokenhearted in Nigeria. DYDM is led by Director Christiana Bola Adeniyi, PhD.

DYDM Programs

  • Providing holistic, home-based care and financial support for the widows, orphans, vulnerable, HIV infected, the poor and disadvantaged through collaboration with local churches, schools and families.
  • Educating communities on HIV, drug and other preventable health diseases, including teaching abstinence and faithfulness as a tool to prevent the spread of HIV.
  • Empower and disciple youths as healthy future leaders with power and integrity.

DYDM Goals for 2015

  • Mobilizing and equipping religious, community and youth leaders towards holistic response to HIV/AIDS, orphans and vulnerable, widow and drug abuse issues using faith-focused, culturally specific materials.
  • Increase the number of sponsored HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable (Dignified Life Children) in home-based orphanage from 22 to 100. Identify suitable Nigerian foster parents through an extensive network of Christian churches, with funding and Dignified Youth Development Mission International.
  • To promote appropriate educational and vocational skills development for women and widows and set them up with seed grants.
  • To engage in the publication of books, articles, tracts and specially designed games for the development of youths in the area of maximizing potential and moral instructions.
  • To launch an outreach van to enhance our mobility and visibility.

Sponsored Orphans with donated Backpacks!