Photo Dave and Jana

East Africa Diaspora Community

Dave and Jana Jenkins served as overseas missionaries in East Africa for 19 years. They returned to the Chicagoland area to help their older children transition through University and young adulthood. They also followed their relationship network of the East African Diaspora living in Chicagoland and other cities in North America. East Africa Diaspora Community was created to serve the East African Diaspora in the following ways:
Pastoral Care of Diaspora people
  •  Weddings, births, graduations, funerals10355680_10152087675426364_944460624732265449_o (1)
  •  Cultural Adaptation
  •  Academic networking
  •  Athletic participation
  •  Mental health
  •  Disability – childhood and athletic
Promote Unity
  • Board of Directors, Uganda Community in Greater Chicago
  •  Member, Uganda Community in Illinois
  •  Member, Congolese Community of Chicago
  •  Member, Tanzania Midwest Association
  •  Network with Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Sudan organizations and networks
  •  Attend North American Diaspora meetings of Ugandan and Tanzanian Communities
  •  Facilitate fellowships and projects among diverse national Diaspora groupsIMG_2243
  •  Soccer tournaments and games among different states Diaspora associations
 Economic Development
  •  Develop networks to move Diaspora families from low income to middle class viable. I.e.
  • Access DuPage, DuPage County Health, Potential Employers, Non-Profit Organizations.
  •  Advisory Board Member, Africa Global Chamber of Commerce
  •  Support Diaspora Development Initiatives by small donations and mobilization. I.e.
  • Kabaka Foundation, Sengo Association
Missionary Empowerment
      1. Prepare Diaspora Communities as missionaries outside of their historic region.
  •  Encourage First Generation Diaspora Church and Fellowship Leaders
  •  Mentor Diaspora Youth with the assumption they like Paul and Daniel will have the   physical, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and relationship skills to cross cultures
      2. Prepare the North American Church to be a missionary receiving church
  •  Write and teach on immigration and mission
  •  Facilitate partnership and infrastructure development and usage
We have an advisory council made up of leaders in the East African communities from nations of Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It is a very gifted and educated group, several Ph.D. holders and candidates as well as entrepreneurs. They help us be wiser and we could not do this without them.
To learn more about East Africa Diaspora Community visit their website HERE.