Turkey is the lost land in the Bible.  Many biblical stories and events have happened here, as well as Paul’s missionary journeys.  99.9 percent of the country would identify themselves as Muslim, but this is different from other countries in Middle East.  Turkish people are very liberal and like to identify as Muslim, but half of the population would consider Ecrument Tarkanthemselves nationalistic.  

Turkey is also spiritually very dark.  The first modern missionary work started in Turkey in the 1960’s, and has continued to have little success.  Currently the population is 81 million people and there around 8,000 followers of Christ.  This makes Turkey the lest reached nation in the world!

I am one of the first generation of Turkish believers in the modern missionary movement.  I have been following Jesus for 26 years, and am one of the founding members of my church.  God has put on my heart a vision to see many people saved in Turkey!  I am praying that every home in Turkey has a chance to receive a Bible and hear the gospel, as well as having one church in each of the towns in Turkey.  This will take a lot of prayer and work!  

My vision is to begin by focusing on the Marmara region of Turkey in order to see this happen.  I chose this area because strategically it is an access point for the whole country.  It has many universities, many major businesses, and a high population.   I believe that God can start a movement here and that movement will affect the rest of Turkey.

Thank you for praying and considering giving to my ministry to impact Turkey.  

God bless you,  Ercu