FOCUS: Uganda Mulago Child Project

FOCUS supports children from the Mulago-Kalerwe slum community in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. These children are supported financially through individual sponsorship so that they have the opportunity to attend school and also be provided with their basic needs.

Through various educational programs, FOCUS exposes these children to opportunities that will help them develop spiritually, physically, socially, and economically.

FOCUS: Mulago Child Development Project is committed to making a holistic impact on the slum community by using the child as the entry point in the community.

Educational Development

To ensure that children make good progress in their education and that they acquire knowledge, skills, understanding and change of attitude.

Physical Development

To ensure that children’s basic need are met, that children receive prompt and appropiate health treatment when needed, that they get adequate nourishment while at the center, that the project is a safe and healthy environment for the children, and that all children are taught on basic health and hygiene.

Economic Development

To equips vulnerable children with practical and marketable skills that will enhance their livelihood thus promoting self-reliance. The children will be taught livelihood skills at the project which can be used to generate income for the child and the family.

Spiritual development

To ensure that all children acquire knowledge of God and His dictates, and born again ones are discipled into more mature Christians.

Social/Emotional Development

To ensure that children have increased ability to cope with challenges as they are taught life skills, have more peaceful and meaningful interaction, have a change of attitude, acquire knowledge, understanding and skill.

Parent/ Caregiver training and support

Parents are involved through project/partner planning; involvement in child development activities that strengthens parental skills. The program aims to continue to promote positive parenting through seminars and counseling sessions. and to improve the lives of the HIV infected and affected families through sensitization, counseling and family support.


To raise awareness of the needs, neglect, nurture and potential of children in poverty and challenging and enabling those within our influence to greater involvement and effectiveness on behalf of children. i.e. The students and graduates. To challenge, encourage and equip the body of Christ to minister to children, to protect them from abuse and neglect, and to provide safe nurturing environment where they can flourish.

For only $33.50 a month or $400/year, you can help transform the life and future of a vulnerable Ugandan child.

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