Gift Ministry - Real-life theology


Gift Ministry is a mission-minded, cross-denominational and evangelistic ministry currently active in the Philippines and Slovakia. We serve the marginalized such as vulnerable children and families, prison inmates, addicts and the economically disadvantaged as well as those who are already established in the Body of Christ.

How we serve:

1Our service to the marginalized includes participating in and organizing evangelism events, teaching and preaching, distribution of food, clothes, and medicine, and addiction counseling.

Furthermore, Gift Ministry seeks to provide both training opportunities for those who sense a calling by God into missions but wish to have more in-depth experiences. In doing so, they can understand, refine and gain confidence in their own missionary callings.

Examples for our activities are…

– Evangelism at the Leopoldov Prison, the largest maximum security prison in Slovakia.8 Iwahig penal colony (2)

– Implementation of a two-day curriculum originally produced for Teen Challenge (a ministry for helping drug addicts) in Slovakia in the city of Sered, which included food and clothing distribution, teaching and preaching, worship and prayer, and individual and group addiction counseling.

– Food and clothing distribution at the dumpsite in Manila and in multiple remote locations across the Philippines (around the city of Cebu, and on the islands of Palawan and Bohol).

– Gospel presentations at the Iwahig Penal Farm on Palawan island, Quezon City Jail, and Valenzuela City Jail, both in Manila.

15 Valenzuela jail-batism of 40 inmatesChurch visitation and pastoral encouragement to those in remote areas.

– Active partnership with Celebrate Recovery (a ministry for fighting various addictions) that includes multiple presentations to program participants.

– Evangelistic presentations contextualized for a variety of audiences in the Philippines including young professionals, hospital patients, workers at an auto-mechanic shop as well as to an audience of 500+ people in a garment factory in Manila.