Henry and Gabriela Kabat: Prague, Czech Republic

Henry Kabat is a Czech psychologist, professor and politician. He held the office of Czech Minister of Culture from 1992 to 1994. He is a government trustee for Humanitarian Affairs and a representative for Refugee Affairs.  He is the president of the European Academy of Democracy.  The ministry of Henry and his wife Gabriela is focused on spreading the Gospel in the Czech Republic.

iN-Institute Nicodemus

Henry is the founder of the  Institute Nicodemus whose mission statement states: With full respect for, and in cooperation with, all denominations-helps people in searching for God, moral values, and in living an honest, fruitful life.  Henry’s vision is to return the moral values of Czech society via faith-based programs.  He is currently writing two books, The Psychology of Communism  and The Problem of Corruption.


Henry lectures at the university level in the Czech Republic, as well as in U.S.  He also speaks to groups.  Lectures are presented from a Christian point of view and are centered around themes that have not been addressed in the Czech Republic for decades.

Henry teaches social psychology, focusing on the development of human individuality in society, personality, faith and God in our inner world.  He explores topics such as the purpose of human existence, inner conflicts, interpersonal problems, family, education, problems of society, psychology of society, totality, democracy, freedom & freedom of denomination, persecution of churches & its results and psychology of the culture & of the nation.

Meetings and Groups

Learning is more powerful in the context of common meetings, sharing, practicing faith, and common discussions, just being together and playing as a form of learning, and mainly common prayer as well as common help to needy.

Groups are formed by students as well by people from different professions: from politicians, through all kinds of different professions to prisoners, where is the activity more missions oriented.

A special group that meets in Prague is a big number of pastors and missioners of different churches and denominations, usually of English speaking community who work in CZ. The purpose is to connect each other, create ecumenical meetings and cooperation between different people, who have the same vision. Common meetings and new personal friendships through all churches is in a country that used to be historically and traditionally separated is very useful.

Prison Ministry

We have been blessed by starting the Prison Fellowship International in Czech Republic. Gabriela is the founder of the CZ PFI. In our country we are starting our first prison project with women prison Svetla nad Sazavou, where a group of volunteers will cooperate with leaders of the prison to help women individually with their transformation back to civil life during several months of individual sessions in the prison. We trust that prisoners can be changed through the power and love of Jesus Christ only.

We also work with a variety of prison groups in cooperation with The Salvation Army.

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Public promotion

There is a big spiritual vacuum in the Czech society, which had missed freedom and inner conviction for forty years. Mainly, many historical problems have yet to be addressed.

Therefore, Henry has written a book, Psychology of Communism, which deals with freedom, persecution, incarceration, but also psychology of ordinary day, school, churches, and institution of family, interpersonal relationships, stress, tiredness, and desires of people during the totality. It describes in details the direct pressure toward churches, the life of believers and mainly the psychological and social changes. It describes the development of life style during the period of communism and the way out of it.

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