HLK -Family Empowerment

The HLK-FAMILY EMPOWERMENT program provides four years of support and training to parents from the Katanga slum located in Kampala, Uganda.  Believing that each person is created in the image of God, the program encourages holistic development of each individual to fulfill his or her life purpose.lady in checked apron

  • Year One:   Life skills training, i.e., literacy, numeracy, Biblical discipleship, interpersonal relationships, employment communication, leadership,                  problem solving, time management, decision making, workplace etiquette.  Basic livelihood  training, i.e., hairdressing, tailoring, sewing
  • Years Two & Three: Specialized Training, i.e., accredited vocational school,  apprenticeships.
  • Year Four:  Job Coaching and Work Experience

HLK Girl with PenUpon successful completion of the HLK-FAMILY EMPOWERMENT program, candidates are awarded a monetary grant for the establishment of a small business.