Hope Alive Ghana - Kingsley Kwayisi

Our Story

We live in a world today where many things happening around us seem to take away our hope of a better society. The gospel has been narrowed to save our souls but cannot change our communities. Many of us pray for God’s Kingdom to come on earth every day yet are not concerned what God has shaped us to do. I have come to understand that God’s Kingdom is justice and righteousness for the orphan, the fatherless and the helpless babies that are aborted daily. “He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God? (Mic.6:8)

All through my life, God has awakened in me the passion to step up and do something not for myself. Examining my spiritual gifts, heartfelt passions, abilities, personality and experiences, (SHAPE), it had become obvious that I have been shaped to speak for the least and keep Hope Alive. I have received a mandate to be a voice for the voiceless. This is the story behind the ministry, Hope Alive!

I was born and raised in Ghana, west of Africa and have deep appreciation of the sacrifices made on my behalf to be where I am today. I had a shameful story as a bastard growing up which I did not share with strangers. Growing up in my context, which is favored by honor and shame values, certain stories remained only in close knit families. Over the years I travelled around West Africa to know that my story or God’s story in my life has the power to help several people to hope for a better life and society. I have seen God touch lives of younger women to have hope in their despair. I have appeared in dreams to people warning them to keep their babies. I have come to the conclusion that God can use anyone, and even a bastard like me for his glory because of the image of God in me!

Our Focus

I have opportunity to speak up for mothers in distress, and become a voice for the voiceless, from college campuses, through the church to the market place. Here in America, I have spoken from churches to pro-life meetings, calling people to pray, and end abortion. While in the last forty days of life prayer across America where I had opportunity to speak, God spoke to me.  The reason why many people choose abortion is despair, lack of hope to help themselves or the unborn child. It’s a divine call to step out of my comfort to feel the pain and anguish in the soul of these mothers and their unborn babies. God has helped me to take action in four levels:

  • Engage young people to have meaning in their lives and dignity of work.
  • Help women at risk to have safe houses as alternative to abortion in Ghana
  • Partner with local churches to engage local families in creating spaces of belonging for orphans and babies saved from abortion.
  • Engage policy makers and government agencies to improve laws for women and children at risk in Ghana while reducing the focus on placing babies into orphanages.

As a child saved from abortion and placed in a family to flourish, my hope is to see every child find a Christian family to flourish as God intended for them. Our partnership with Faith and Learning is to connect with similar ministries to learn best practices, and help receive resources to advance God’s kingdom for orphans, and mothers and babies at risk.