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Janice Gutierrez: CA: Lifesprings International – Faith & Learning

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Janice Gutierrez is serving as the Executive Director for Lifesprings Women’s Ministries International. She leads a talented team of dynamic international women in order to accomplish the mission of Lifesprings “to connect, encourage and perpare women worldwide to impact their communities with the love of God.”  She is dedicated to mobilizing women in ministry and doing whatever it takes to give women worldwide the things they need to do the things God has asked them to do.

Janice is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to step up in ministry and to do good works their community needs.  She has a strong background in adult education, spiritual direction, leadership developmenpic of janice and flagst, mentoring, speaking and teaching having  served in various church and parachurch ministries for over 35 years. Prior to that, she had a career in media advertising and marketing where she saw first-hand the vast untapped volunteer potential laying dormant in the business and civic community.  Janice dreams about every person of faith being fully empowered, invited and mobilized to do truly meaningful ministry and transform society with God’s love. She’s a UC Davis and Fuller Seminary Graduate and makes her home in the San Francisco Bay Area when not traveling around the globe ministering with Lifesprings.

Upcoming Projects for 2017 -2019

  • Accomplishing a new School of Ministry in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia
  • Exploring next steps for establishing new schools in Eastern Europe, Africa and Australia.
  • Developing Annual Retreat/events to better connect women worldwide in ministry and provide further encouragement and empowerment for their work.
  • Continue to develop and grow the Alumni Association Training/Soul Care Events/Network Development
  • Lead Lifesprings International Leadership team and leadership events.
  • Lifesprings Communications, Connections and Development

Follow her on Facebook at , twitter and instagram @jangutz
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