EELF-Eastern Europe Reformation

The East European Leadership Forum (EELF) is an annual event for Christian leaders in Eastern Europe.  It was originally started by churches and other Christian ministries in the Ukraine and Belarus.  The EELF works in partnership with the European Leadership Forum, which has a solid history and influence in Western European Christianity.  To learn more about the European Leadership Forum visit

Vision of the Forum – The East European Leadership Forum seeks to meet the needs of today’s church in Eastern Europe.  EELF’s vision is to renew the Biblical church and to evangelize in Eastern Europe. We understand the Biblical Church to be the Church that is faithful to all things written in the Bible, that testifies about Christ through its holy life, that shares the Gospel with a great zeal, that gives God’s answers for the challenges of today’s world, and that raises Christ’s disciples in unity.

Strategy of Forum – The EELF identifies Christian leaders, unites them together, connects experienced leaders with emerging ones, and provides resources for churches and ministries. High-quality teaching, interactive training, and mentoring help to raise leaders who are able to spread the Gospel among the Eastern European nations.  Through these cooperative efforts the EELF seeks to development  Christian leadership with  as

To be selected to participate in the EELF each leader must be active in the ministry, have a leadership position in a church or Christian organization, and be recommended by recognized Christian leaders.

There are 11 Networks at the Forum, with projects representing:

  1. Apologetics
  2. Arts
  3. Church leadership
  4. Church and civil society
  5. Christianity and business
  6. Evangelization
  7. Family ministry
  8. Missionaries and church planters
  9. Volunteering and chaplain ministry
  10. Youth Ministry
  11. UniversityThis last network is viewed as a particularly important field for evangelism, yet it remains one of the most under-served.  A multi-year program is planned by Network leaders to conduct persuasive meetings for students and teachers, to carry out round-table discussions on important topics of social life involving Christian experts and  to provide lectures from well-known Christian speakers in secular Ukrainian universities.

Jaroslaw Lukasik has served as the East European Leadership Forum director since 2011.   He was born in eastern Poland and in 1989, at the age of 17, was called by the Lord to preach the Gospel in the Soviet Union.  Having graduated from the Belarusian philology at the University of Warsaw, Jaroslaw served God in Belarus for 14 years.  He founded John the Baptist Church in Minsk and initiated a number of ministries, mainly aimed at the evangelism of young Belarusian intellectuals and the spreading of a Christian worldview in various spheres of Belarusian society.

In 2007 Jaroslaw Lukasik was deported by the Belarusian regime from the country. Since 2008 together with his wife Natalia and four children he has been living in Kiev, Ukraine where they continue to do the Lord’s work.