Jesse Hill: St. Petersburg, Russia


Sitting almost on the 60th latitude, St. Petersburg is the largest most northerly city in the world.  The summer days are long and in fact, they don’t end.  Visitors from around the world descend on Petersburg to experience these “White Nights” while simultaneously the youth of St. Petersburg head out of the confinement of the city to various camps and recreation centers.

Our summer camps run for two weeks each year and aim to provide an environment where young people can experience the presence of the Lord and His great love for them as individuals.  There is a wide-range of activities and programs to help young people explore their gifts and talents, but these are subservient to the mission of fanning the flame of a spirit of worship and

wonder in the children.  The camp staff is comprised of dedicated and gifted individuals from local church fellowships that volunteer their time and energy and, more importantly, their desire to manifest the love of God to the children.  There is special emphasis on the arts and expression in music and creative mediums, as well as various outdoor recreation activities from team sports to group challenges and hikes.  Children from local churches attend, but our goal is to invite and financially support the children that have the greatest need. These are the ones from broken homes and the ones living on the streets that lack the role models and the examples of God’s love that they find at our camp.

Winter brings as much darkness as summer does light.  Snow and frost seem content to rule and reign from October to April, the sun barely rising high enough in the sky to eclipse the profiles of the ubiquitous apartment buildings.  It also brings our Winter Holiday camp which is an attempt to organize and provide alternative activities to the usual Russian traditions during the season.  Vodka, incessant fireworks and recycled visits from “Father Frost” are the staples of New Year’s celebrations.  We organize a celebration of Christ and His work and what that means in the lives of the children today.  It’s a festival of God’s grace and a haven for young people of escape the alcoholism and recklessness of the season.

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