Joan Cole: Asia

For Webpage Joan ColeMy country of service is a predominantly Muslim country, but opportunities are opening to introduce Christ through use of the English language. Since English is the business language, it is the key for nationals to better themselves personally and to make themselves more marketable. To know English is to open the door for better opportunities. I teach conversational English to Muslim, Christian and Catholic university students using Bible stories. I also work with Korean missionaries who desire English as a means to communicate with their children’s teachers at the nearby international school. This encourages them individually and benefits and blesses the family as they use their language skills to develop positive, active relationships between the home and school. I’m also able to mentor these women spiritually as they support their families and husbands in ministry.

The majority of the people I work with are lost in sin. I want them to know Christ, so everything I do, whether teaching, mentoring or developing a relationship is with this purpose in mind…that they may know Christ.