Judith Warren: Speaking from the Heart Ministries


SPEAKING FROM THE HEART MINISTRIES (SFH): Exists to serve the Church of Christ.  It  provides programs and trainings to help Pastors meet the ever expanding needs of their congregations. The programs equip and encourage believers  to confidently share Gods story in their life. We also offer training for congregational staff or lay people, providing them with resources to establish this as an ongoing program  curriculum.  Since 2006 programs have been conducted primarily in New England but a total of just under a dozen States and Caribbean Countries.  www.judithwarren.net

PROBLEM: Christ’s commission to His followers was to spread the Gospel message. That is our purpose as believers. It is the request to every follower regardless of gifts, talents, responsibilities, or environment.

Without a conscious effort, most of us will spend our precious lives busy with our own concerns.  Most of us are ill equipped and uneasy to speak of our faith.  Sometimes we can cringe at the prompt of the Holy Spirit to speak of our faith, concerned we will offend or be rejected.

SOLUTION: We are fortunate that God has given us an answer for every problem in His word: 1Peter 3:15 instructs us to: Always be prepared, to give an answer to everyone who asks you, to give the reason for the hope that you have.

MISSION:  Speaking From The Heart Ministries Mission, is to prepare believers to honor the call as Disciples to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by:

1) Be prepared: at every opportunity (to confidently),

2) Share the gospel: in their personal testimony (fulfilling Christ’s request),

3) Only through the power of the Holy Spirit, (deposited in us),

4) To do so with gentleness and respect.

HOW WE WORK: As Director of  SFH we develop and write programs, teach and lead them to Congregations, Groups, and Individuals. The programs help equip and inspire believers to become more effective, confident and purposeful missionaries within their “sphere of influence”. The programs are designed to help people prepare different ways to speak, write or casually share what Jesus Christ has done for them. We offer courses to Churches and Christian groups of 5-500. Two popular courses are:

Write and Publish Your Spiritual Legacy

Leading people through writing and publishing their faith journey, so that God can turn it into a legacy for future generations.

 How to share your faith …WITHOUT making them sorry they asked

THE GOSPEL:  SFH speaks and teaches,  about 12 times a year  in New England, Florida, and the Mid-West. When we speak we always present the Gospel along with a prayer of salvation. For the next 30 days we  keep in touch with new believers by email with a beginning Bible Study/Devotional.  They are shepherded until they get connected with a church, Bible Study or their local Stonecroft Ministries.