KEST- Philip Wandawa, Kampala, Uganda

Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST) provides theological training to all denominations in Uganda. The school was founded in 1988 as a part-time institution and became full-time in 2001. Since then, KEST has had close to 400 part-time and 11 full-time graduates.

KEST is committed to biblical mission and social action. While the majority of Ugandans profess Christianity, the lack of positive societal impact indicates a need for sound biblical teaching in churches. The school seeks to provide biblically sound leaders who will disciple other leaders to rise up.

Uganda’s challenges are common to most of Africa: corruption, HIV/AIDS, immorality and poverty. KEST’s strong emphasis on biblical teaching, discipleship and its Christian Counseling and Development Studies programs give special attention to these challenges. KEST also strives for excellence in ministry. Each student is placed in a local church for practical experience, such as pastoring, outreach, translation and Christian education.

KEST participates in programs across countries that discuss such issues as reconciliation, HIV/AIDS, global anti-poverty and human trafficking. Through the years, KEST has also become a leading center for intensive, non-formal program courses and seminars, such as the “Politics as mission” seminar organized before the 2006 national election.

Graduate Collins Sentumbwe works as a Kampala project coordinator with Advancing Ministries of the Gospel, reaching out to vulnerable children with Christian love and hope. He pursued his degree to “increase his ministry effectiveness.” He has also served as an Associate Pastor, church treasurer and youth leader for the last 10 years.

The new principal of KEST is Dr. Phillip M. Wandawa.