LeaDev Langham Partners-Lynn Stapleton


How can students be successful in their studies when they can’t read the books in the school library? This is the problem that many students in Southeast Asia face as they begin their studies in Bible college or seminary. Most of the theological books and biblical resources have not been translated into Khmer,Burmese, Thai, or local dialects. In order to study Hebrew of Greek, the student must first master English. There is a great need for English, and particularly academic English which focuses on reading skills, to be taught in Christian educational institutions.

Lynn began teaching and tutoring seminary students in Manila, Philippines in 1995. Her affiliation with Asian Theological Seminary during this time gave her the opportunity to teach students from a variety of Asian countries, and open her home for international gatherings. She discovered the blessing of interacting with Christians from different cultures and soon realized the joy in helping them with the English language.

Lynn has developed workbooks and curriculum for students to learn English contextualized for Biblical studies and theological education. Her website offers these materials as free downloads. www.sites.google.com/site/stapletonlyn

As part of LeaDev-Langham ministries Lynn serves in SE Asia as an academic English teacher working with various Bible colleges and seminaries. She is involved in teacher training, curriculum development, consultation, assessment, and teaching academic English. The focus of her ministry is to prepare students to read the books in the seminary library in order to study more effectively and be better prepared for ministry.


At present Lynn is serving in schools in Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and India. Please pray for her as she assesses the needs of individual students and teaches in various English programs. Please pray for her health and travel as she moves from one place to another each month.