Loaf of Bread: Mart Saar - Estonia

Loaf of Bread Ministry aims to make Christ known through life-transforming stories. The name was inspired by a small boy in the New Testament who offered his five loaves of bread and two fish to Christ and then saw it being multiplied to the thousands.image 2

Märt Saar sees himself as this small boy, who offers loaves of bread in the form of books and live presentations for people who understand English, Estonian, Swedish, or Finnish.

This vision has grown from Märt’s long-time desire to use creative communication and to see Gods kingdom in the Western world.

Märt was born and raised in Estonia but presently lives with his family in Finland. He is happily married to a Swedish-speaking Finn, Greta Josefin Saar. They have five adorable daughters. Märt earned his BA in Journalism and Public Relations from the University of Tartu and has been serving in Christian ministry for 17 years.