My name is Edwards and God has laid a dream on my heart.

I was born and raised in the Congo, the last child into a family of 5. My parents got divorced when I was only 1 year old. My younger years were difficult as I realized my parents could not provide not only what I wanted, but also not what I needed. Thank God, no matter how tough the situations got, God always delivered a way out.

When I finished grade 12 in 2003, I decided to focus more on my future and how to get what I needed to help my family. In 2008 I left Congo to move to South Africa looking for a better life. Indeed, I found the better life when I found Jesus.

From that moment on I starting thinking not only about my future but the future of the community and how to improve people’s lives, children, widows and anybody else in need for whom God could use me to be a blessing.

After winning an American Lottery Visa to come to the US, God placed a vision on my heart to build a school in the Congo. He led me to remember the pain of my childhood in order to understand what children are still struggling with in my country and many other countries of the world.

My daily prayer is… May God use me and whatever he has blessed me with to be a blessing to others.

This is my story and my ministry for the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The name of the ministry is Maranantha Foundation and it exists to provide an academic and spiritual education to offer these children hope on earth and eternally.

Many children in eastern, rural Congo (Kalemie) grow up with no education or literacy because their parents are so poor. Rural areas do not have government ordained school systems.

The Catholic church has private schools but they are expensive. The only other education offered is by volunteer teachers using rooms in people’s homes. The volunteers accept donations from parents. The only supplies are pencils and paper, no books.

Fulfilling this ministry will mean purchasing a piece of property, building a school with proper classroom materials, including computers, and hiring educated Christian teachers to teach Bible classes and English as a second language.

This, of course, comes with a price tag. The estimated cost to purchase the land and build the building is $200,000.00. The school will be built with vendor booths in the front to rent out and contribute to the cost of maintaining the school.

Initial major purchases will be approximately $24,500.00 and annual operation costs will be approximately $20,000.00.

We are excited for all that God will bring to this venture!!!! To date, he has put an architect from the Congo in my path who contributed these drawings of my vision.

For everyone would like to give
– For only $25 a month you can help a child with necessary tools his class
-with $20 a month you can help with two bags of cement for building construction
There are many ways to assist but feel free to give cheerfully in the area that you have been touched.
For instance :
Building construction, School Desks, Books, Breakfast, Children play park, Security
Water, Electric Generator and more…
Your contribution is very important and all welcome.