Michelle & Randy Hensley: Jumla District, Nepal


Blessing the least-evangelized peoples of the Himalaya…Visiting the fatherless in their affliction…Pleading the cause of the poor and needy…Preaching the kingdom of God and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ…“Remembrancing” the LORD through prayer…

The Hensleys work in Nepal in cooperation with a local NGO called Uplift-Nepal (https://www.facebook.com/Uplift.Nepal) serving the needs of people and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who have little understanding of Jesus Christ or His salvation. Currently they are stationed in Kathmandu, where they and their Nepali partners have established a small children’s home. These children who have lost parent(s) receive nutritious food, education and medical care. And of course, the children can also experience the love and care of a family in order to thrive. Children also receive Christian training so that they may personally know Jesus Christ and serve the needs of their own people when they are grown.
Additionally, the Hensleys operate a language training institute in Kathmandu that helps Nepalese people with their educational and vocational goals (https://www.facebook.com/ATI.Nepal). The institute helps to provide jobs to local people and creates a channel for other volunteer Christian workers to serve and obtain visas in Nepal.


Long term plans include outreach to the people of west Nepal, who are often overlooked due to the difficulty of the terrain, the lack of development, and language and cultural differences that isolate them from other parts of Nepalese society.  Only about 30% of the people can read and write their own language, women have few rights, and the poverty of the region give the people few alternatives to subsistence farming. Many people suffer from sickness without receiving proper treatments. Lack of knowledge of basic hygiene, health and nutritional requirements further contribute to the sufferings of the people.  Religious beliefs cause the people to oppress one another, rather than care for one another. Uplift-Nepal and the Hensleys have been working in practical ways to relieve the sufferings experienced by the people. In recent difficult days following the earthquakes that Nepal has experienced, the Hensleys and Uplift Nepal channeled relief and supplies to earthquake victims. Here is recent powerpoint from the Hensleys.

While the temporal needs of the people are overwhelming, the Hensleys and Uplift-Nepal view the spiritual needs as paramount. Without knowledge of the Savior and God’s Word, it is impossible for the people to change. The Hensleys are committed to sharing God’s Word with those who have not heard about Christ. Underneath all the activities of ministering to the needs of the people, prayer is the central way that the cause of Jesus Christ can triumph in Nepal. Prayer brings the power of God to break spiritual bondage. The Hensleys and the staff at Uplift-Nepal are seeking God’s help through prayer to win the battle for the souls of men and women, boys and girls in Nepal.


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