Mission: To equip pastors and lay people in the theology and practice of spiritual formation and personal and corporate worship, including emphasis on worship renewal.

Vision: To foster spiritual formation and renewal in the worship life of our churches and church members, beginning with ourselves.

Rationale: In working with church leaders throughout Asia, many people have expressed the desire for practical instruction and application of spiritual disciplines. While not a negative practice, there is a universal tendency on the part of pastors and Bible teachers to spend significant time studying the Word of God in preparation for ministry. However, the need to let the Word of God “dwell richly” in leaders is often overlooked. With the goal of Spiritual Formation in mind, practicing spiritual disciplines (eg. lectio divina, visio divina, silence and solitude, prayer) with workshop and class participants has become an integral part of my training as spiritual formation is really the foundation of worship renewal in our churches.

From my experience in teaching in various global contexts, I have observed that there is a pervasive lack of understanding of the biblical, theological, historical, and cultural sensibilities of worship. This weakness evidences itself in an inability on the part of pastors, worship leaders, church planters, and other church leaders to plan and lead biblically informed and meaningfully contextualized worship services. To promote the global renewal of worship, individually and corporately, the best antidote while staying rooted in historic Church traditions, is to return to the source of knowledge…the Bible.

The ministry of Global Training in Spiritual Formation and Biblical Worship is strategically designed to develop and disciple those in church leadership. The spiritual formation component meaningfully complements the more didactic, yet practical nature of the workshop or classroom instruction.

Goals and Objectives (for workshop/class participants):

Participants will:

  1. Embrace the practice of spiritual disciplines facilitating spiritual growth and formation; the necessary foundation for the Christian life, ministry, and corporate worship.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of the biblical, theological, historical, and cultural foundations of worship and exhibit confidence in applying theological knowledge in practical ways to personal and church situations.
  3. Cultivate spiritual transformation through encountering and embracing worship as a way of life…glorifying God in every aspect of life, responding to God as he reveals himself, and engaging in intimate relationship with God.
  4. Through God’s Word, trace the pattern of biblical worship. Work together to find practical, contextualized ways to implement this pattern in our daily lives and corporate worship gatherings (this application component is ALWAYS guided by nationals, not me).
  5. Ascertain creative, meaningful ways to bring renewal into the worship life of their churches. Implement the ideas brought forward by the group (eg. practicing creative Scripture readings, writing scripturally-driven prayers, planning and executing a biblically-patterned worship gathering, writing contextualized songs to speak to a particular need in the church, etc.).

Tangible Objectives for myself include:

  1. Complete at least three international training trips/year (about 4-5 weeks each)
  2. Collaborate with other mission agencies and national church leaders when training in international contexts
  3. Facilitate at least 6 local church worship renewal workshops/year in the US
  4. Travel to Florida twice/year (Jan & June) to minister as school Associate Chaplain and invest in the lives of the international graduate students at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies

The ministry of Global Training evolved out of my own journey and a growing passion for biblically sound worship practices. After 15 years of ministering in Japan primarily designing and leading worship services as a church planting missionary, I felt the need to get further training to be better equipped for the task to which God had called me. I began the Doctorate of Worship Studies program at the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies (IWS) in 2003 traveling twice a year from Tokyo to Jacksonville, Florida for one-week intensive classes. The remainder of my course work was all done back in Japan and with practical application geared to the Asian context.

Upon completing the doctoral program in 2006, God provided many opportunities in Japan to train pastors, worship leaders, and lay church members in worship renewal, biblical worship planning and leading, and creative Scripture presentation. In time, I was invited to teach in Myanmar, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Dr. Nancy Upton Nethercott

January 2015 was a time of great transition as the door to living in Japan closed for a time. I am now based in Indianapolis, IN but still traveling to Asia, Europe, and Africa (Kenya in August, 2018) to do training. In September 2016 I once again, felt the need to be stretched and grow – this time in the area of spiritual formation and began a 2-year Spiritual Formation Certificate program through Moody Bible Institute. Like IWS, this program is held through intensives with four 3-day retreats each year. I have become deeply aware that the training I do related to worship needs to be grounded in spiritual formation principles for there to be ascertainable growth in our worship, either personally or corporately.

I love walking alongside people from around the world, investing in lives through friendship, prayer, Spiritual Direction, teaching, and training. I learn from others through each of these opportunities. Free time finds me swimming, walking in nature, drinking good coffee, reading, and enjoying friends. I teach ESL and Japanese along with editing doctoral theses for international students. Twice a year I head to Florida for the sessions of IWS where I am now Associate Chaplain and Co-Director of the IWS` GROW Center (Global Renewal Of Worship Center).

Students at Grace Music Institute in Yangon, 2016.

Studying to be pastors or worship leaders, these young people are the future leaders of the church in Myanmar!!

Worship workshop participants in Surigao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines

OM/YWAM Worship and Arts Camp, May 2017

Songwriting Workshop, September, 2016 collaborating and learning to create culturally appropriate Japanese songs, Nikko, Japan.

Global Training Board members (who function under the FLI Board):

Dr. Ron Man, Ministry Advisor (Global Worship Teacher, Worship Resources Int’l)

Dr. Jim Hart, IWS Liaison (President, IWS)

Dr. Frank Fortunato, IWS GROW Center Liaison (OM Missionary)

Rev. Gaius Berg, Financial Advisor (Businessman and Former Pastor in Tokyo)

Dr. David Suum, International Ministry Advisor (Pastor in Yangon, Myanmar)

Rev. Teresa Thompson Sherrill, Pastor and Mission Worker

Member Care: (people to draw on as needed)

Rev. Dr. Darrell Harris (IWS VP of Spiritual Life)

Rev. Martha Berg (Pastor and Missionary)

Janice Brauer (Mission Member Care)

Marj Mead (Spiritual Director)

Tom Gill (Counselor)

For more information, please call or write me.  (317) 993-9683 or nnethercott@me.com

Checks can be made out to FLI, with my name in the memo line

Mailed to PO Box 480, Wheaton, IL  60187