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Patrick Butsapu – Transformational Development Initiative – DR Congo – Faith & Learning

The Transformational Development Initiative operates in the City of Goma with the objective of mobilizing the local Church to be actively involved in the development of our local communities; and identifying, training, and promoting entrepreneurs in our local communities.

Our theory of change is that lasting and sustainable development is transformational, locally initiated, and for the local communities. We believe in the kind of partnership where both actors have a lot to bring in order for transformation to take place. We believe that the Church, as the body of Christ, has the mandate to preach a holistic Gospel that is based on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus-Christ. The life of Jesus-Christ should inform our response to the issues of poverty and social justice, while his death and resurrection inform our involvement in active evangelism. With Transformational Development Initiative, we hope to see the Congolese Church, in partnership with the Church in other parts of the world, play an active role in the development of Congolese communities by identifying different needs and attacking them from different angles.
Our programs:
Entrepreneurship: We organize training sessions for local entrepreneurs; we connect them to mentors, and help them in the process of starting and growing their small businesses
Women empowerment program:  In partnership some local churches, we identify vulnerable women who are heads of households. We offer them basic training on her to manage their small businesses then we provide them with mentorship small loan to grow their small businesses.
Church and Development: We organize workshops for pastors and other Church leaders to think about the role of the Church in the Development of our communities
Child Sponsorship:  We pay school fees and other school supply for young girls who are victims of rape and coming from very poor families