Paul and Kristy Tillovi: Frenštát, CZ.

Serving in Moravian Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, Paul and Kristýna Till are revitalizing a small congregation of believers, trying to reach their small town. Paul moved to the Czech Republic at the age of eight with his parents, who have served faithfully at the Christian high school Beskydy Mountain Academy since 2004. It was at this school that Paul go to know Kristy. He is now studying theology long distance and serving full time as a missionary in Frenštát.10

Kristy was born in Frenštát to her Czech parents and was led to Christ by her grandmother as a girl. She is studying social work, also long distance. Now she lives and serves in her hometown of Frenštát. As of October 2019, they are both proud parents to baby Elizabeth.
The church reaches about twenty people weekly. It is a satellite of the bigger church in nearby Frydlant. Paul and Kristy lead youth group, Bible studies and services on Sunday. Paul views the long term strategy of their ministry as tied to the many deep relationships the members of their congregation have to the families and individuals of Frenštát.
Right now, the group is learning to love, forgive and accept each other as well as work as an effective Christ-sharing team. The Tills look forward to having a healthy, welcoming and loving community where it is easy and natural to invite friends and share the Gospel.