Crossroad Ministries

Crossroad Ministries is reaching the unreached through gospel distribution, discipleship, Church Planting and Intercessor prayer ministry in India. Very often they are travelling within India to share the love of God and to strengthen the body of Christ. By God’s grace they are providing Food, Education and Care to 105 children in India. These kids are from slums and beggar families. They are the poorest of the poor in non-developed areas.  Crossroad Ministries find  it a privilege to serve them. They organize a One Year Sustainable Skills program where young men and women are learning by following a technical program for skill building and employment.

  1. Certificate Course in Computer Basic
  2. Certificate Course in Mobile phone Repairing
  3. Certificate Course in Motorcycle service and Repair
  4. Diploma in Videography
  5. Diploma in Tailoring

The purpose of the Sustainable skills program is to train young men and women to give them the confidence to lead in order to be a positive example in the community.

We are grateful for any support and interest in partnership with Crossroad Sewa.

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