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Many a grassroots Christian leader in Ghana would not have had adequate training that enables him/her to be most effective in leadership: influencing others for the Kingdom of Christ, preaching and teaching of God’s word and equipping others to be faithful and competent in leading others for Christ. If the Church anywhere, especially Africa will see God-glorying and lasting transformation, then deliberate attention ought to be given to raising faithful, competent and Christ-like leaders, not only at the so called “top” level leadership but equally at the grassroots. If we will witness a generation of godly leaders in Africa, then pastors must take up the challenge of faithfully equipping these future leaders in their congregations to live out the whole gospel in the whole of their lives, and to pass that equipment on to others.

There is the need for transformation; the transformation we believe will come by God’s grace, through the deliberate raising of leaders in the Church by the Church. It is in response to contributing to meeting this need that we believe God has called “Leadership Equipment Africa” to play a crucial role for his glory.

Leadership Equipment comes along as a “servant” to the Church of Jesus Christ and in collaboration with Akuapem Ridge Church in Ghana to help resource our current grassroots Christian leaders to be most effective in truly leading and equipping others to lead.

Our Dream/Vision:

To fill both Church and society with godly and competent leaders who will train other leaders to transform both Church and society for God’s glory.

Our Mission:

Leadership Equipment Africa exists to raise godly and competent leaders through trainings in faithful and prayerful ministering of God’s word as our means of equipping them to raise other leaders in our quest to bring lasting transformation in the Church and society for God’s glory.

Our Focus Groups

  • Under-resourced grassroots Christian leaders in churches.
  • Christian (University and College) graduates who may want to take a gap year or two to serve God and his gospel within a particular community.
  • Emerging leaders within Akuapem Ridge Interdenominational Church, Ghana.

Catchment Area For Training and Church Planting.  Our long-term goal is to see our vision and mission translated into the leadership equipment efforts in churches across West Africa and beyond.


The complete training package takes 18 months to finish. This provides ample opportunity for the leaders to ‘test run’ their own trainings for potential leaders within their contexts.

Our Deepest Prayer

  • We pray the leaders we raise and influence for Christ will demonstrate godly character as a result of their personal walk with Christ.
  • We pray that the result of our training will be a more faithful, prayerful and powerful preaching of the word of God to transform communities, resulting in the renewal of churches so that “God’s glory will fill the earth”.
  • We pray that a younger generation of godly and competent leaders will be seen across countries in the sub-region.
  • We pray that the Church of Jesus Christ and societies across Africa will not lack true leaders.
  • Finally we pray that all the glory will be rightfully God’s.

Local Partnership.

We do not walk alone. We seek meaningful and purposeful partnership with local churches and para-church organizations. From January 2015 we will be working closely with the Akuapem Ridge Church, the Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students and Scripture Union, Ghana and other like-minded ministries to raise these leaders for Christ’s Kingdom in Africa.


  • Robert Mensah, Chairman
  • Samuel Boateng, Director
  • Thomas Baba Leriwanu, Field Coordinator/Secretary

About the Director, Samuel Boateng

Samuel is married to Gifty and have a daughter and a son. He is the pastor of the Akuapem Ridge Church in Aburi, Ghana. He received his training as a biology teacher from University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He also trained in Bible Handling Skills with the Philip Project and then Expository Preaching at the Cornhill Training Course of the Proclamation Trust, all in London, United Kingdom. Later Sammy further trained in Pastoral Ministries/leadership at George Whitefield College in Cape Town, South Africa. He is a former Billy Graham Scholar and an alumnus of Wheaton College in Illinois. Samuel’s dream is to see godly and competent leaders raised in and through the Church to bring transformation to both Church and society. He is passionate about seeing God glorified through expository preaching and church planting and leadership development. He loves walking, travelling, reading and cooking. To read Samuel’s latest update click here.


Mrs. April McLaughin (Billy Graham scholarship Coordinator-Wheaton College, IL).

Samuel became a Billy Graham Scholar the fall of 2012 when he began his program in Historic and Systematic Theology at Wheaton Graduate School with the assistance of the scholarship.  I feel very privileged to have gotten to know him and his family these two years.  He is a humble man who meditates on scripture and is careful to have his life reflect the truths of God.  Together, we have seen God provide for him and I can’t wait to see how God will use him to pastor and disciple back home in Ghana.”

Dr. Richard Gieser (Wheaton Eye Clinic, Wheaton, IL)

Rev. Dr. Gottfried Osei-Mensah (Former Executive Director, The Lausanne Movement)

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