Second Chance Education Center-Kiplagat Pius & Josephine Biwott


The Second Chance Education Centre (SCEC) is based in North Rift   Kenya. We are a Christ centered program and a project under the Advocacy for change foundation (ACF). Advocacy for Change Foundation (ACF) is a Christian Non-governmental organization founded in 2012 and registered in 2013 and based in Eldoret. We seek to enable persons and societies realize the possible opportunities within their reach. The organization seeks to cultivate an environment where all people thrive in the community. The organization focuses on promoting interdependent cooperation in working with and among all persons in Western region and North Rift regions to promote and safeguard the wellbeing of Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (O.V.C) and support families identify their needs and find solutions together as we proclaim the love of Christ.

The SCEC project operates as a community based entity as a project of ACF.

 The Mission of SCEC is to provide opportunities in communities that promote the well-being and capacity of teen girls and their families.

And our vision to ensure girls and other teenagers denied opportunity has a chance today to bring lives in future.

Our hope is that what we are doing will continue to expand to other parts of Western Kenya. We are based in Eldoret town near Kapsoya where we target the low income and no income settlements in the city and its environs.


SCEC seeks to give opportunity (a second chance) to disadvantaged girls and young adult women who for various reasons could not proceed with their education and struggle to make a leaving.


  • Offer an opportunity for the girls to hear and encounter Christ so that they can make a personal decision to connect to him.
  • Give opportunity (a second chance) to disadvantaged girls, young adult women and in small way boys from single parent families who for various reasons have been denied opportunity to receive education and fulfill their dreams.
  • Offer a safe environment to teen-mothers and other girls of school age and also provide guidance to young mothers as they swerve through life   challenging issues.
  • Institute interventional programs or projects that can facilitate empowerment of young persons in community.
  • Nurture and transform young people to responsibly handle their lives and be instruments of transformation in the community.


  • We base our rationality upon a belief in God and respect for all.
  • Our mission of serving the community is motivated and informed by a holistic approach to gospel witness
  • Young people success in life is our priority.
  • Our Services are designed to empower the girls from vulnerable families and the community they come from.
  • We endeavor to have local communities participate in their transformational journey.
  • We reach out to communities and individual persons in those localities from a strength-based perspective.
  • We are faithful stewards of God’s gifts.