Servant’s Heart Ministries-Philip Williams-Dominican Republic & Haiti

We believe in people! We believe everyone has value! We believe that given the right opportunity, the disadvantaged that God places before us, can rise up and break the cycle of poverty they find themselves in.

In our region on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, God has led us to develop several distinct areas of ministry.

Danica’s Dream Medical Outreach:

Through medical clinics operating in remote areas, Danica’s Dream touches the lives of thousands of Dominican and Haitian people, resulting in stronger, healthier communities.

From the tragic death of an 18 month old baby girl, the courageous and passionate heart of Donna Williams, and the dedication of her husband Phillip Williams, Founders of Servant’s Heart, came the promise that Danica’s death would not be in vain. It was this promise that led Donna and Phil to begin their long and inspiring journey that is now Danica’s Dream.

A monthly donation of just $25 a month or more, helps provide medical assistance to those in need.

Hugs for Kids Child Sponsorship:

With the help of sponsors, Hugs for Kids is able to provide education to those without thus enabling Dominican and Haitian children to achieve a better future.

Recognizing that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, Servant’s Heart created Hugs for Kids: Child Sponsorship, whose mission is to provide a quality education to Dominican and Haitian children. Operating a growing sponsor school in Cangrejo, a Haitian and Dominican village, Hugs for Kids currently meets the learning needs of over 200 children.

A monthly donation of just $39 a month will provide a child with a life changing educational opportunity.  A supplement of just $15 a month will provide a child with a daily nutritional snack, health checks, and specialized education on proper hygiene and physical education.

SHM Relief and Development:

Whether raising homes above flood level, providing relief for disaster stricken villages, or reconstructing entire houses, SHM Relief & Development is changing lives and changing hearts.

Bring a team, change lives.  Just $6000 provides a new home for a family in need.

Empower Girls:

Internationally, Sosua DR, is recognized as a destination for the sex tourism industry.  Because of a lack of well paying jobs, for over 20 years the sex trade has been looked upon as a viable alternative to living in poverty.  In the DR prostitution is legal for anyone over the age of 18.  The lure of “easy” money and the economic prosperity that comes with it is often too much for young girls to resist.

Empower’s goal is to decrease the risk of sexual abuse and sexual commercial exploitation among marginalized teenage girls by building life skills and assets that will help them to grow up to be healthy, caring and responsible. Our vision is to see a generation of girls who understand their worth and value and who grow up to become women of faith.

Please consider monthly financial support for this vital ministry program.

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