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Shepherd’s Gate: Kesanje, Uganda – Faith & Learning

Shepherd's Gate: Kampala, Uganda

Shepherd’s Gate Children’s Centre- Kasanje, Uganda

Our Mission

Shepherd’s Gate Children’s Centre is committed to caring for the body, mind, and spiritual development of each child.  It is a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children living outside of Entebbe, Uganda where there are over 2 million orphans due to a number of tragic circumstances, including HIV.


Our Beginnings

Shepherd’s Gate was founded as a Non-Governmental Organization in 2018 to provide care and support to vulnerable and orphaned children, Winner & Ryanas well as to widows and other family members who struggle to care for orphaned children.

Today, children who are cared for by Shepherd’s Gate receive food, shelter, love, education, healthcare, a sense of belonging, and teaching about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

What We Do

Shepherd’s Gate operates a family home in Kasanje, Uganda that provides care, housing, medical care, and education for orphaned children who have no family.  In addition, Shepherd’s Gate is a program that operates in the community to assist widows and/or orphaned and vulnerable children who live with a close relative.  Shepherd’s Gate helps these families with food and some school fees.

IMG_1056Education is not free in Uganda and sending children to school is a top priority at Shepherd’s Gate. Education is key to giving these children an opportunity to learn to care for themselves as adults.

Shepherd’s Gate provides outreach programs in the community to share the gospel with local children and their families.

You can contribute to the financial needs at Shepherd’s Gate through a donation that helps to cover the following:

Safe surroundings, which includes housing, food, healthcare, clothing and living expenses.

School fees so that more children can attend school (from nursery through secondary and vocational).

Bible teaching materials to give children a firm foundation in the Christian faith.