Shepherd's Gate: Kampala, Uganda


Shepherd’s Gate Children’s Centre

Our Mission

Shepherd’s Gate Children’s Centre is committed to caring for the body, mind, and spiritual development of each child.  It is a safe haven for orphaned and vulnerable children living near Kampala, Uganda where there are over 2 million orphans due to a number of tragic circumstance, including HIV. DSC_3307

Our Beginnings

Lilian Kakaire, the founder of Shepherd’s Gate, saw this great need and began her ministry in 2010 by opening her home to orphaned children who had no other family members to care for them.  She also saw the struggle of families, usually an elderly grandparent, taking in an orphaned child, and reached out to help these families care for and keep children who had lost their parents.

Today, these children receive food, shelter, love, education, healthcare, a sense of belonging, and teaching about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

What We Do

Shepherd’s Gate is both a facility that provides care, housing, and education for orphaned children who have no family to take them, as well as a program that operates in the community for orphaned and vulnerable children who live with a relative.  The hopes are to keep families together, where possible.

DSC_3317Some primary students at Shepherd’s Gate attend a neighborhood school, while the secondary students must go to a boarding school.  Education is not free in Uganda and sending children to school is a top priority at Shepherd’s Gate. Education is key to giving these children an opportunity to learn to care for themselves as adults.

You can contribute to the financial needs at Shepherd’s Gate through a donation that helps to cover the following:

  • Safe surroundings, which includes housing, food, health, clothing and living expenses. Lilian would like for each child to have their own blanket and bedding for sleeping.
  • School fees so that more children can attend school (from nursery through secondary and vocational).
  • Bible teaching materials for children at the Centre and those living with relatives, to give them a firm foundation in the Christian faith.


The team at Shepherd’s Gate provides a critical service in their community by:

  • accepting orphaned and vulnerable children from every tribe and religion
  • giving them a place to live
  • sending them to school as funds become available
  • teaching and demonstrating the love of God to all of them.
  • Helping orphaned children stay with extended family members, where possible.

SG1The work of Shepherd’s Gate Children’s Centre provides hope, life and the love of Jesus to children who are truly vulnerable.  Please consider a donation today.