Tamil Village Gospel Mission, Steven Christopher: India


Tamil Village Gospel Mission is reaching villages in Southern India through Gospel distribution, discipleship and church planting.

Tamil Village Gospel Mission is an inter-denominational mission with a burden to reach people for Christ in the villages of Southern India.

TVGM has been working in different states of India that includes Tamil speaking people in Tamilnadu, Oriya speaking people in Orissa and recently among Gujarathi speaking people in Gujarat. TVGM has done considerable work in Sri Lanka establishing the Sri Lanka Village Gospel Mission (SLVGM). TVGM uses the Hundred Village Ministry strategy to reach people in villages and has developed the vision to reach at least one non-believer in every village of Tamilnadu or a people group, by constant Gospel distribution, strategic follow-up, discipleship training and church planting.

TVGM with this vision has conducted nearly 300 “Hundred Village Ministry” programs so far and has covered nearly 30,000 villages in Tamilnadu.

TVGM Social Service Trust was founded with the vision to carry out various social welfare activities in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. Most of the help is identified and offered through churches, and takes the form of several short term projects based on need. TVGM Social Service also focuses on the long term educational needs for orphans and lepers children that otherwise would not have opportunities for higher education.

TVGM is led by Director Stephen Christopher.


Learn more about Tamil Village Gospel Mission at www.tvgm.org