The Ward Archives: North America

Arguably one of the most significant educators of the 20th Century, Ted Ward’s career has spanned a period of more than fifty years.   Over the course of these years, Dr. Ward served as a professor of education at Michigan State University and Professor of Christian Education and Mission at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where he also served as Dean of International Studies, Mission, and Education.  In those roles, Dr. Ward’s interests and involvement included moral development, teacher education, non-traditional theological education in Third World countries, missions, and the family.  Active on many boards and a consultant to many evangelical organizations, Dr. Ward has influenced a generation of educational leaders to serve the kingdom of God around the world.

The Ward Archives seeks to house a collection of Dr. Ward’s published and unpublished papers, edited and digitized speeches and DVD clips of various aspects of his work and ideas so that they are readily available to others with an interest in his field of research and study:  education, leadership development, missions, relief and development, and congregational life.