Ubuntu Partners: South Africa

Ubuntu Partners mission is to promote a community of reconciliation and resource sharing, in the Spirt of Jesus Christ, and by the inspiration of his Life and Teaching, in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

With God’s blessing and the partnership of many donors and volunteers from 1999-2020, UP has:

  • Established Kwethu Children’s Village, where more than 45 orphans and vulnerable children have been raised, to productive adulthood, cared for by local Christian staff
  • Established Ubuntu Education Fund, in co-operation with US based donors, to ensure tertiary education or training for these disadvantaged youth.
  • Established or incubated several co-operative, community based businesses providing income for disadvantaged families, especially women headed households
  • Supported the founding vision of Bridging the Gap South Africa, an initiative that empowers young people with restored identity and work opportunities, with financial seed money and ongoing mentoring.
  • Participated actively in church based social outreach network in local area.



As retirement for John David and Barbara is in process, Caleb and Gwendyn Borgman join us in 2020. The Ubuntu Partners vision for community service structures rooted in the Gospel of reconciliation and transformed lives of children and youth, as well as Good News of Jesus Christ will continue to be built on the foundation many years in the making.


“God reconciled us to himself through Christ, and he gave us the ministry of reconciliation. So we are ambassadors for Christ. God is urging you, through us, to be reconciled to God”  ii Cor 5:18-20 selected”