Wakisa Ministries: Kampala, Uganda

Wakisa Ministries was born out of Mrs. Vivian Kityo’s vision and passion for young women with unwanted pregnancies in Uganda, through her work with Youth for Christ. It grew to embrace other young people traumatized by war and civil strife throughout the Great Lakes Region.

Many girls with unplanned pregnancies are rejected and abandoned by their families. They become desperate, depressed and often consider an abortion as a way out of their predicament. Those who choose to keep their babies are often left to provide for their newborns, without help from family or the boy or man that was responsible for the pregnancy.

The primary focus of Wakisa Ministries is the physical, emotional, social and spiritual health of the girls, young mothers and their babies. One of the strategies to deliver care was the establishment of a crisis pregnancy centre within the suburbs of the Kampala that would provide support services to girls with unplanned pregnancies and equip them with life skills.

Currently, Wakisa can house 25 girls. Work on a new house is underway, which will give Wakisa the ability to take in 50 girls.

Skills Training

The training in candle making, paper necklaces, computer skills, gardening and bible study is taught by competent, God-fearing instructors. The pregnant girls are quite privileged to acquire such skills which will help them earn a living.

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