Go Live Dare Foundation Zambia

ABOUT US: We are a Gospel Advancing Movement that relentlessly pursues the mission of Jesus by relationally multiplying disciples resulting in radical gospel transformation. We work with Churches and Christian organizations to start, strengthen, scale and sustain youth ministries to become missional.

 MISSION STATEMENT: To relationally live out our faith and fulfil Christ’s commission to go into all the world, and multiply themselves in others as Jesus did.

VISION STATEMENT:  Reaching Everyone Everywhere in Zambia and Africa


 DARE 2 LEAD: Rising Gospel Advancing Leaders that lead the Cause of Christ for radical transformation in their spheres of influence. We energize, equip and empower Church leaders and youth leaders to become intentional, strategic, missional and wholistic in reaching everyone everywhere.

DARE 2 REACH: Activating a Generation of young people, that is, mobilizing and energizing their generation to gospelize their world. We do this through the use of Sports Outreach, Gospel Youth Rallies, Community engagements, school and Campus ministries.

DARE 2 GROW: Relationally inspiring young people and leaders through coaching, and mentorship resulting in disciple multiplication.

DARE 2 CARE: Leading Love inspired lives and ministries that provide holistic CARE to human needs as a response of Christ’s love.  Our priorities are provision of sanitary pads girls, nutritional support to malnourished Children, Educational Support to Orphans & Vulnerable Children, and Bwacha Designers’ Project that empowers women and youth with livelihood skills such as handmade Earrings, Necklace, and hand bags.

DARE 2 DISCOVER: An initiative helping young people discover their identity in Christ, purpose and develop a Biblical worldview of life through Bible based Life Skills. The initiative deals with social issues such as Drug Addiction, HIV, Sexuality, Early Pregnancy, Gangs, Early marriages, Gender Based Violence, Health issues, Decision making, Career guidance and counseling.


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