The Need and Structure

FLI’s mission is to help followers of Jesus Christ live out God’s call in their lives.  In order to better support and serve its projects in accomplishing this goal, FLI requires all projects to form an advisory council.  We envision four purposes for the Advisory Council: a) providing a high level of accountability for the project  b) meeting our obligations to governmental agencies, c) providing the project with a team to support them personally and d) helping in program planning, fundraising and strategies.

  1. It will be called an Advisory Council of  (name of your project or your own name) thus signaling its advisory nature to FLI;
  2. Council members be 3-6 people of your choosing but not more than one member is a relative;
  3. At least one member lives in the country you are serving.
  4. The Advisory Council meets at least twice a year. Once in the Winter/Spring (submitting a report before 6/30) & Once in the Summer/Fall (Submitting a report before 12/31)
  5. The meetings can be done with all or most members in the same geographic location or the meetings can be conducted on Skype or other form of phone conferencing;
  6. Agenda and minutes should  be maintained and submitted with the report form.

The Function of the Advisory Council

  1. Provide general oversight of the project;
  2. Monitor progress toward the stated goals of the project;
  3. Supervise the financial state of the project and use of funds;
  4. Provide encouragement, professional advice, spiritual counsel as necessary, advocacy, resources and strategic thinking for your work;
  5. Monitor fundraising appeals
  6. Approve Expense Reports for US nationals
  7. Submit the necessary reports within the proper time frame with minutes attached.

The relationship of the Advisory Council to the Board of Faith and Learning International

  1. Fill out an Advisory Council Report Form (found on the FLI Website/directors page) with meeting minutes uploaded to the report.  Please note that the project will not receive their monthly payroll if the reports are not submitted in a timely manner.
  2. Contact FLI in the event of any irregularities or concerns regarding the finances, the moral conduct of any member of the organization or deviation from the stated purpose or stated goals of the organization.

Thank you for your willingness to form a council. We believe this will be a tremendous blessing to your ministry. Please extend our gratitude to your Council of Advisors for their willingness to help in this way. We join you in God’s ministry around the world and to faithful excellence in all He gives us to do.