The website is Your log in is your email address and you will change the password once you get in the first time. Cut and paste the password from the introduction email to open Expensewire the first time.Please make sure to enter your ACH information in the My Profile section. We can only pay you if this information is entered. Please note FLI cannot reimburse expenses over 60 days old.

To fill in an expense report:

  Actions:  Create a new expense report

  Title:  Can be any method for you to track your expense. (Jan 08 expenses; Trip to  Orlando; etc.)

  Customer/Entity:  leave blank

  Project:  leave blank

  Purpose: Can be further explanation of your title (specific dates, people, etc)

Save + Add items  or Save + Close: At this point you can add the individual expenses or come back to it later


 Expense Date:  The date on the receipt or activity

 Customer:  leave blank

 Project:  leave blank

 Expense Type:  Use the drop down menu to find the category. All program expenses will begin in the “700” series

FLI Class List: Use the drop down to find your project name.

 Description:  Explanation of the incurrence of the expense (meal with —, travel to—-,  supplies for—

Payment Type:  Always a “personal” check, credit card or cash

 Reimbursable:  Always checked, if you select one of the options above, it will check it for you.

 Amount:  The amount on the receipt

 Currency:  Use the drop down menu to choose the currency on the amount line. The date will be used to calculate the exchange rate to US dollars.

Use the receipts tab to attach all receipts to the corresponding report.  Please number your receipts to coincide with the appropriate number line item.

You can use the Action list to import your credit card information and other options.  When you have completed the report, you submit it.

It takes 5 business days for payment to your bank account via ACH.

Faith and Learning Expense Reimbursement Policy

• Faith & Learning will reimburse expenses within 60 days after they are incurred. (This is an IRS law which is not flexible)
• Receipts must be attached. Please submit within the 60 day time limit even if you do not have funds in your account. This will allow reimbursement as soon as funding is available.
• Faith & Learning will reimburse expenses under $25 within 60 days with a detailed description (date, place, reason for expense) if a receipt is not available. Please note that a receipt is ALWAYS preferable to a description. Expenses should be submitted through