Dignified Youth Development

Dignified Youth Development is a  registered non profit organization preserving lives/destiny and healing the brokenhearted in Nigeria for God’s glory through:
* Care and support for orphans/vulnerable children/
 youths and widows affected by HIV and others
* Organizes Free Medical outreaches,  mobilize response and educate on preventable health diseases in communities and schools. Dignified Youth Development is led by Director Christiana Bola Adeniyi, PhD.


  • Providing holistic, home-based care and financial support for the widows, orphans, vulnerable, HIV infected, the poor and disadvantaged through collaboration with local churches, schools and families.
  • Educating communities on HIV, drug and other preventable health diseases, including teaching abstinence and faithfulness as a tool to prevent the spread of HIV.
  • Empower and disciple youths as healthy future leaders with power and integrity