Hope for Life Kenya

Hope for Life Kenya is an NGO (non-governmental organization) whose purpose is to stimulate sustainable community transformation through healed relationships. This ministry focuses on the physical, spiritual and emotional care and development of children and older youth who have been victimized by HIV-AIDS. The organization is led by founder Josephine Kiarii and is located in Kiungururia—just outside Nakuru, one of Kenya’s largest metro areas. Ministry partners have helped Hope for Life Kenya build an orphan care center, a medical clinic, and their own borehole for water.

Hope for Life Kenya (HFLK) is committed to maintaining the strong family bonds that characterize Kenyan society and so to that end the 145 children continue to live with their family guardians. Seven days a week, however, the center supplements with a healthy hot lunch along with loving, Christ-centered teaching and counseling.

To ensure ongoing education, HFLK tutors the children and supports the guardians in paying the tuition and fees required for students to continue in school. For the older youth HFLK offers eight vocational training courses. The center also provides club programs, Christian Rite of Passage (CROP), seminars, a Sunday afternoon fellowship, along with individual counseling and mentoring. Adult education and vocational skill training are offered to the guardians.

Since 2001 Hope for Life Kenya has been launching HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children into society by giving them a foundation of love, dignity, and hope. Their primary goal has been to help children find their hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ, to grow in their faith and character, and be useful in Christ’s Kingdom.

You can help these children through contributions to the financial needs of the Hope for Life Kenya center—for food purchase, security for the center, and help with the cost of wages for the director, vocational skills teachers, and cooks. The greatest need is for school fees for the 37 teenagers who have qualified for high school. High school in Kenya is not free and requires significant tuition and educational dues.

Please consider helping to educate one of these high school students. The school fees average $80.00/month per student. You may sponsor a teen for any amount.

Click HERE to learn about specific high school students that you can pray for by name. 

Hope for Life Kenya is committed to making communities whole by meeting the needs of their most vulnerable members.

Click here to see a video from Hope for Life.

Please Note: Credit card companies charge Hope for Life between 2.5-3% of each donation made by credit card